Paulo AvilaStarted by an aspiring graphic designer with an engineering background, a Paulo design began as a learning environment where I could teach myself web technologies and develop small applications & ideas. As these ideas became more sophisticated and the applications grew, so did a Paulo design.

People began seeing the quality of work that a Paulo design produced, and wanted a piece of it! I had little choice but to oblige so I started offering those quality services and products to the world.

Explain the Name

Apollo, as you know, is the Sun God in Roman mythology (Helios is also). Therefore, the circular logo (The Logo of apaulodesign) is a rendition of our sun. Simplistic, yes, but nevertheless it conveys a symbol that has had a lot of importance across many cultures. I’ve always had an interest in Greek mythology along with the polytheistic attitude of those Romans. Not only did they give us Gods like Neptune (Poseidon), Venus (Aphrodites), Pluto (Hades), Minerva (Athena), Mercury (Hermes) and Mars (Ares), but also Apollo  — the God of the sun and the arts…it seemed appropriate.

The name apaulodesign came about when I decided to use a more creative way to label my sites. I had previously used a graphic that read “Site Design by Paulo” but I felt like changing it up a bit. I decided to use “A Paulo Design” (as in “a site that was designed by a person named Paulo”.) It was only when I removed the spaces did I notice the play on words which helped define the logo.