March 2010

Before getting into all the legal mumbo jumbo, I figured I’d provide a common-sense summary of the main points below:

  • Don’t copy anything from my site.
  • Don’t host any of my stuff on your own servers.
  • Non-personal navigation information may be collected.
  • If provided, your email will only be used according to your specifications.
  • When in doubt, just ask.


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Unless prior permission has been obtained, it is not permitted to host or link directly (“hotlink”) to any of my products from an external host or site (i.e., providing a download link to one of my widgets). Instead, provide links to my page(s) as this action is allowed and encouraged.


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If potentially personal information is gathered, you will be given a chance to review the data before sending it. Refer to my Privacy Policy for detail about information gathered during payments.

Your Agreement

By visiting this website and/or downloading my products, you agree to the statements declared above.

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