THE Programmer’s Text Editor. Shut Up Emacs.

Vee what? What the heck is that? Vim is a text editor (and much more) that is extremely popular with most programmers. There are other popular editors out there such as Emacs and Pico, but vi (the original command-line text editor upon which Vim is based) is really the de-facto standard on Unix systems.

The Vim site says that Vim is not “designed to hold its users’ hands. It is a tool, the use of which must be learned” and this statement is definitely true. That, along with the fact that it is exremely customizable, makes learning it very complicated initially. However, once the initial learning curve has been surpassed, you can really realize the power it can have.

The means by which Vim is most manageably configured is by the use of it’s configuration file (called vimrc). My .vimrc configuration file was created several years ago and is constantly being updated. Feel free to learn and adapt whatever you want from it to make your life easier!

Other resources that might be helpful is the Vim documentation and the Vim documentation’s Table of Contents.