HTML Glyphs

A Palette and Reference At Your Fingertips.

Coming Soon

HTML Glyphs widget iconTypographer? Web Developer? Writer? General user of a computer? Then click the download link already! You’ll like this widget. It contains all the glyphs you would ever need along with a description and their corresponding HTML code…all in a tiny little box.

Select the category of glyph you’re interested in from the back. Use your scroll wheel to view the glyphs in your current mode and click on what you want to copy. When you exit Dashboard, paste away. It’s that simple!

The Top 10 category remembers the most recent glyphs you’ve used for easy and quick access.

Release Notes

  • 1.0 — Initial release

The HTML Glyphs widget is provided as is. By downloading the HTML Glyphs widget, you agree that there is no warranty associated with its functionality or impact it may have on your system.