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The Wallify widget is the easiest and most convenient way to run a Screen Saver behind all your icons on your desktop. Just click and sit back to enjoy the magic… or resume working :) Watch the video below to learn more!

You can stay up-to-date with the latest version because the Wallify widget checks for updates automatically… or you can manually check (hint: click the displayed version). The back of the widget gives you a few options like choosing a specific Screen Saver or having it turn on automatically when you log in.

Automatic version checking.

Main Features

Wallify Lite widget icon. Wallify widget icon.
Fun way to show off the power of your Mac.
Sleek, unobtrusive interface that “latches” onto the Dashboard.
Uses Mac OS X’s powerful, built-in graphic technologies.
Check for new versions in the background.
Optional two-second delay before start.
Automatically turn on at login  
Disable automatic version checking.  
Price Free! $1.99

Things to Note While Wallify Is Enabled:

  1. Preferences of the Wallify widgetFront Row cannot be activated.
  2. Your Screen Saver is disabled.
  3. Under normal conditions, Screen Savers are invoked when little or no activity is occurring on your computer (i.e., you leave for 10 minutes) and are terminated upon your return. Since the Wallify widget allows you to continue working as a Screen Saver is being run, be aware of the implications this can have. But don’t worry; on average, most people will be able to continue working normally.

Screenshot Of The Wallify Widget In Action


How do I run a slideshow of an iPhoto or Aperture album on my desktop?

In your System Preferences, select your album of choice and set the Wallify to run the “Default” Screen Saver.

How much processing power does this take?

The Wallify widget contains no extra applications or plugins and simply runs your regular old Screen Saver on your Desktop. Therefore, it takes the same amount of CPU processing power as the regular Screen Saver does. If you’re concerned or experience abnormal slowness of your system, check the Activity Monitor application located in your Utilities.

Help! I can’t turn off a Wallify that I’ve started!

First of all, take a deep breath — your health is more important. Open the Activity Monitor application and quit the process called ScreenSaverEngine. That should do it. A simple log out will also get rid of any rogue Wallify processes that might be running around… or a reboot.

For the power user, a rogue Wallify process can be killed manually in the Terminal with the following command as well:

$ killall ScreenSaverEngine

Your widget is tiny! How does it work?

Your Screen Saver is invoked and controlled by an application called ScreenSaverEngine located in a Framework of your System’s Library. By default, this application runs the Screen Saver in the foreground (as you would expect it to). However, if you pass the correct arguments, you can force it to run behind all your icons and applications. This widget is minimalist in the sense that it is simply a wrapper for the following command:

$ /System/Library/Frameworks/ScreenSaver.framework/Resources/ -background

Release Notes

Version 2.0 — March 26, 2010

  • Choosing a Screen Saver while active now refreshes automatically.
  • New icon based on feedback from beta testers.

Version 2.0b — February 23, 2010 (private beta)

  • Can now be set to automatically turn on at login.
  • Option-clicking adds a two second delay (for those screen savers that capture your screen :).
  • Automatic version checking option added.
  • Improved notification of new versions and other messages.
  • Moving the widget is more intuitive.
  • The info button is now more easy to click on.

Version 2.0a — February 3, 2010 (no public release)

  • Rebranded.
  • Support for more Screen Savers.
  • Now manages all ScreenSaverEngine resources.

Version 1.2 — September 15, 2008

  • Dynamically lists all your installed Screen Savers.
  • Improved the functionality when checking for new verions.

Version 1.1 — September 12, 2008

  • Displays current version on the back.
  • Checks for new versions when current version is clicked.
  • Removes any saved preferences when removed from Dashboard.
  • Reduced size!

Version 1.0 — August 18, 2007

  • Initial release

The Wallify widget is provided as is and is free for personal use. By downloading the Wallify widget, you agree that there is no warranty associated with its functionality or impact it may have on your system.
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